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Individual Member Application

Individual Providers on all levels who Provide Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures per TMB Code 193.17 in the state of Texas – Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Laser Hair Tech, or Delegated Individual. 1/5 vote per Individual Member.
$250/ year

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    General Information
    General information is collected for demographic and statistical reasons only. None of this information is listed publicaly.

    In what year did you (or will you) begin your work as a medical spa professional or associate?

    Please check your highest academic level (optional):

    What type of non-surgical procedures do you provide or plan to if applicable?

    Do you own or have ownership in a medical spa business (optional)?

    Where did you learn about TMSA?

    Would you be interested in volunteering for TMSA?(Please check all that apply.)


    Spa/Business Information

    If applicable, please leave black if this does not apply.

    Would you like your logo and Business listed in our Member Med Spa Directory? This option is available for all Facility Level Membembers. Click here to apply as a Facility Member


    How Your Contact Information Will be Used:
    The information you provide above is used to distribute TMSA member materials, future continuing education opportunities and information, certification opportunities and reminders and access to the “members only” portal of the website once established. You must OPT-IN to receive all of your membership benefits:

    TMSA may use my contact information to send me the following (please check all that apply):

    Public Directory

    I grant permission for TMSA to list the following information about my business in the online database (check all that apply):

    You may change your selections at any time by notifying the TMSA in writing via email at


    Code of Ethics

    The Texas Med Spa Association (TMSA) is an organization with members associated with medical spas in Texas. TMSA supports all methods of medical spa components and business and is dedicated to maintaining compliance with the Texas Medical Board rules, safety of consumers, providing continuing education, and keeping its members at the pinnacle of their profession by providing useful compliance and management resources.

    The TMSA Code of Ethics document has been developed to promote ethical and professional conduct of members of this organization and must be signed prior to acceptance of membership.
    In addition to the Code of Ethics, members of the TMSA professionals shall be encouraged to observe these practices to remain in good standing with the organization.

    Please check each box to signify that you have read and agree:


    Membership Agreement:
    I hereby certify that I have carefully read the TMSA Code of Ethics above and that I agree to uphold and abide by the Code of Ethics in my practice and affirmation in my profession. I agree not to state in advertising or otherwise that I am a member of TMSA until this application has been accepted, approved, and I have been notified to that effect in writing of membership activation.

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