Welcome Message from TMSA President


Welcome to The Texas Med Spa Association

Welcome to the Texas Med Spa Association! Our partnership was founded in the Summer of 2019 by the physician and non-physician professionals of the Texas medical spa industry including nurses, mid-levels, laser technicians, medical assistants, and many other stakeholders. Our founding members acted to preserve the Texas Medical Board rule 193.17 “Nonsurgical Medical Cosmetic Procedures,” which both enables and protects our industry by having clear requirements for the performance of med spa procedures and the standards and protocols required for medical directors.

As we began to collaborate and exchange ideas, we saw a need to form a non-profit professional organization. The organization we formed is focused on maintaining a compliant workplace environment and providing patients with optimal safety and efficacy in their cosmetic treatments all while preserving our industry and livelihoods including both physician and non-physician-owned med spas.

It is our goal to be a well-recognized and well-respected voice to be heard by the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Legislature. We developed the mission below with the idea of giving back to our members rather than taking from them. All of our board members and committee members are volunteers and we rely on individuals like yourselves to allow us to continue the protections and benefits we offer.

Please take the time to explore our organization and the benefits we have to offer. Progress happens in numbers. We are actively recruiting more members and hope you will consider finding a home in our organization and one of our committees or projects of interest in which you can participate.


Our mission is to benefit the people in Texas who receive Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures by

  • Promoting professional integrity and confidence for providers and facilities; protecting the rights of all currently under TMB Code 193.17;
  • Encouraging cohesiveness through uniform standards on clinical documentation, relevant clinic contracts, signage requirements, etc… by setting basic standards for all those under TMB Code 193.17 in all facilities;
  • Investigating and integrating new technology for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures by sharing informative educational items as our Medical Niche continues to grow and develop new cutting edge technologies to benefit our patients. And facilitating discounts and connections with corporate entities like Manufacturers, Training Entities, Compliance Based Consulting, Legal Representation, and other businesses for our members to function efficiently.
William A Moore

William A Moore

TMSA President